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Endearment Studios

LoneWolf was born November 9, 1989, in Compton, CA at the age of 2 he started to take interest in music 12 years later he made his first sell. At the age of 20, he created Endearment Studios. Fast forward to the present LoneWolf is graduating from Los Angeles Recording school with a AA degree in music production with hopes he can take the company even further. Endearment studios provide good-quality music and photography. I've been producing ever since I was in diapers.

My music is a reflection of my feelings toward someone or something. Stay on the lookout for free instrumentals on this site. Endearment Studios take pride in their work the services we offer are mixing, producing, and film scoring. We also have other services like photography and digital graphics. The Programs we have is ProTools, Logic, Ableton, MPC, and many Native Instruments programs and plug-ins. Our mission is to produce great quality work. 

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